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COVID-19 Disinfecting Services in Wheaton

COVID-19 Disinfecting Services in WheatonDuring the spring of 2020, COVID-19 struck the nation in ways we were not prepared to handle. Many of you ran to your nearest grocery stores to stock up on the essentials. Many lost their jobs and many had no choice but to return to work. Essential workers were told to disinfect their working spaces but with the supply of disinfectants running low, this was a task bigger than expected. The responsible action was hiring COVID-19 Disinfecting Services to make your place of work a safe space for people to return.

At Windy City Cleaning Services, we understand the importance of extra cleaning during this time. As a provider of COVID-19 Disinfecting Services, we will ensure your building continue to stay operating under uncertain circumstances. If you need our services, please call 847-888-3793 or fill out the form on this page and we’ll have someone contact you with a list of our services.

It’s Time to Clean

Commercial Buildings have shut down all around but if you’re in an essential business or even an essential position, you may not have the opportunity to work from home or place your workload on hold. The best thing you can do is guarantee that your space is being routinely disinfected. When you use COVID-19 Disinfecting Services, you’re reducing your risk and the risk of those you work with of exposure to the disease.

Surfaces that are frequently touched by multiple people should be disinfected daily, if not multiple times a day. When you use COVID-19 Disinfecting Services, you’ll demonstrate to your employees just how important their safety is to you as a company. The CDC Guidelines have made it easy for businessmen and women to follow some simple procedures that will help reduce the risk of contracting the virus.

No Size to Big

Windy City Cleaning Services are your COVID-19 Disinfecting Experts. Let us help you during this time. Give us a call at 847-888-3793 or fill out the form on this page and we can discuss all of the COVID-19 Disinfecting Services we offer. No office is too small or too large when it comes to the safety of yourself and others.

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